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Christmas - Our Favourite RPG/ Tabletop Gifts!

Christmas is just around the corner! And if you are anything like us, you still have lots of shopping to do. It can be really difficult to buy for tabletop enthusiasts who seem to have everything, so we have pulled together a couple of ideas to help you!

Death Saves ApparelWhat is it? Clothing adding +2 to AC

Where do I go?

How much? £30 and up (plus about £18 shipping)

How long till I get it? 1-2 weeks

Actor Joe Manganiello’s clothing brand brings a new look to D&D. Inspired by 80’s metal and cinema, Death Saves blends old school artwork with traditional Dungeons and Dragons lore giving us a very unique line of clothing. They’ve only been around for a few months but Death Saves already offers something really cool and very different. This is a gift you will not regret sharing with your loved ones. At Wisdom Save we LOVE their apparel.

Wyrmwood GamesWhat is it? The Adventurers Arsenal - box of holding Where do I go? How much? £65 How long till I get it? 1-2 weeks

The Adventures Arsenal is the result of a successful Kickstarter project with a lot of love. Wyrmwood Games make some beautiful products and this is no exception. A finely crafted small wooden box with space for pens, dice and your ever-important mini, this gem is a great tool for any travelling gamer! Although you won’t be able to get your hands on one before Christmas, it’s worth ordering your gift certificates to share with loved ones.

Ten Speed PressWhat is it? Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana - Advantage on all history checks Where do I go? Most big bookstores or Amazon How much? £22 - £65 How long till I get it? 1-5 days

This is an entire collection of the birth and history of the mother of Roleplaying games. This special edition box set is an illustrated story of the evolution of Dungeons and Dragons including over 700 pieces of artwork throughout the games life including rarities found amongst the vaults at Wizards of the Coast. A worthy gift for anyone with love for the game. Gametee; proprietors of all things game related What is it? Adventuring journal by Gametee Where do I go? How much? £54.99 How long till I get it? 1-5 days

Gametee as a company is a plethora of cool collectibles from clothing to candles and all manor of products in between. The adventuring journals are a great addition to the budding party member. Space for item cards, pens and refillable for the reams of notes for whatever rabbit hole you DM sends you on!

DnDiceWhat is it? All the dice Where do I go? How much? Starting from £7.95 How long till I get it? 1-5 days

DnDice makes some incredibly beautiful products. Like most dice stockists they do a large range of product but what really makes these masters of roll stand out is their unique metal dice. Stunningly forged and weighted these dice look great and play even better. They even come in a cool looking tin to add that +1 AC to your dice!

The Cognitive Merchants

What is it? Bespoke leather goods

Where do I go?

How much? Starting £20 - £25 and up

How long till I get it? 1-5 days

The Cognitive Merchants make some amazing bespoke gifts to really add something different to your Christmas. Everything is handmade and even more incredible, made to order so you know that you’ll be getting something no one else has. And if this hasn’t piqued your interest enough, they had their products featured on Critical Role! A pretty unique gift we reckon.