Tabletop Candles
  • Tabletop Candles

    • Add a little atmosphere to your home game
    • Created to send your players to other worlds through scent
    • Made with soy wax, eco wicks and fragrance oils
    • Vegan friendly


    Immerse your players in the smells of heroic quests and epic tales with these adventuring candles. Each one is handcrafted, utilising soy wax and eco wicks along with fragrance oils and a metal 4 oz container. There are two scents to choose from:


    Welcome Inn

    Come on in and make yourself comfy in the tavern. Enjoy the sweet smells emanating from the kitchen while the barkeep fetches a round of drinks.

    Scent Details: Aromatic rosemary, bay and zesty lemon breathe life into gentles blossoms, sage and cyclamen with a soft base of musks and woods.


    Dwarven Hospitality

    High above the world below you find yourself entering a dwarven city in the mountains. It’s a welcome break from the harsh winds and snow.

    Scent Details - Shifting sweetly from snowy floral scents to woody musks of amber and cedarwood, this heavily scented candle will draw you into the mystery of the Dwarven Mountains.